Michael Wolff

A is for Advice


‘Live while you're alive.’

I’m a designer and creative
advisor, with fifty years of
experience, an open mind
and a network of talent.

B is for Brand


Brands live and die in the
of your customers.
I can help you
make them
vital and resilient.

C is for Curiosity


‘Do you think it’s an accident of history that Freemasons live in houses and we live in trees?”

Curiosity and imagination
are the
values at the heart
of my business.

D is for Design


I work with other designers
and with writers and architects.
Together we can express and
epitomise your brand.

E is for Each


The mass market is a myth.
Brands reach each of us
before they reach all of us.

F is for Failure


If you’re just in it for the money you’ll probably fail.

G is for Growth


‘I want it all’

My purpose is to help my clients expand their horizons,
grow their businesses and enrich their customers lives.

H is for Home


‘There will be 19 extra to lunch today.’

My office is in my home.
I take time to make my clients
feel welcome.

I is for Innovation


“Some men see things as they are and ask why.
Others dream things that never were and ask why not.”
George Bernard Shaw

If your future is constrained by the present,
I can help you to realise new dreams.

J is for Judgement


‘The next case…comfort versus economy.’

Goodbye to letting the data
decide. And a warm welcome
back to reflection, intuition
and judgement.

K is for Knots


‘As you go through life, Billy, remember – a moving target is hard to hit.’

Errant customers, moving targets,
corporations in
constant change.
It’s little wonder that things
sometimes get into a tangle.

I can unravel knotty problems.

L is for Listen


‘Are you listening to me?’

Listen is an anagram of silent.

M is for Madness


The word ‘mad’ comes from
an Indo-European root meaning

Which is the most effective agent
of change – method or madness?

N is for Name


If you want a new name,
I can get to the heart of your
business and create a name
that’s distinctively yours.

A name that rings true.

O is for Oooooh!


‘I hope I never lose my sense of wonder.’

Much is tawdry and tired in today’s
world. Everyone hungers for the
of delight. I’m always
trying to bring more of it into the
world of business.

P is for Promise


Your brand is a promise.
If you can’t keep it,
don’t make it.

I can help build authentic
and valuable brands.

Q is for Question


‘Why do you think you cross the road?’

Great leaps forward come
from asking the right ‘big’ questions.

That’s why I always start
thinking with not knowing
any answers.

R is for Round


‘The meeting will come to order.’

I work together with my clients.
Good ideas come from anyone.

S is for Syntax


Take your company or brand
name. Can you turn it into a verb
and into an adjective?

Are you ‘ing’ in everything you
say? Is there an ‘ish’ quality to
everything you do? It’s a useful
way of checking the coherence
of your company’s self-expression.

T is for Truth


Customers meet your company
through myriad touch points,
judge it in a few moments of truth.

“You can’t talk yourself out of
something you’ve behaved
yourself into.”
Stephen Covey

U is for Uncover


‘You are generous, kind-hearted and wise, but you are perceived as stingy, cruel and thick.’

Developing a brand is
about revelation
than positioning.

Strategy based on truth
will get better results.

V is for Vision


‘We’re looking toward the Pacific Rim, Greenfield. What the hell are you doing?’

I see vision as a complete and
vivid snapshot of an imagined
It can be inspiring and
motivating. I can help you
restore your vision.

“Where there is no vision
the people perish.”
King Solomon 1000 BC.

W is for Whole


‘Basic economics – sometimes the parts
are worth more than the whole.’

Most people know the whole
is greater than the sum
of the
But in reality the whole can
only be
expressed through the
parts, each
part representing
the whole.

I can help you ensure that the
whole is always experienced.

X is for Xenophile


‘Edgar, why do you insist on living in a fantasy world?’

Someone who celebrates people
and ideas from wherever they
come, rather than seeing things
entirely from their own

Welcome to the world.

Y is for You


I work for you.

You aren’t your company,
you represent it. You aren’t
your brand, you exemplify it.

I don’t advise companies,
I advise you. Together we
can make things happen.

Z is for Zero


If we choose to work together,
I’ll start with no preconceptions.